Meet Our Staff

Get To Know Our Organic Produce Growers

Dave Asbury Owner

Dave has been involved with production agriculture since his youth. He knows every aspect of organic farming, especially the hard work that it takes every day.

Lauren Freas Office Manager

Lauren, Dave's daughter, keeps things running smoothly in the office and beyond.

Ozzie Gallegos Production Manager

Ozzie has been using organic farming methods for more than 20 years, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this very challenging field.

Geoffrey Hess Sales and Distribution Manager

Our Sales Manager is in charge of greenhouse production, wholesale sales, quality control, and food safety.

Our Team

Along with all those mentioned, we would be at a loss without our field crews and packhouse staff who are invaluable to our daily operations.

We believe that growing the most wholesome produce organically using sustainable practices is the highest calling to which growers like us can aspire. It is also our belief that people are the strongest link in carrying out this lifelong endeavor with respect, dignity, and integrity. Ultimately, we recognize that there exists a strong connection between humans, plants, and soil.